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Everything is eligible for an upgrade to “better”, “faster”, “more responsive”, “more features” – devices, memberships, systems, vehicles.  Why not upgrade the nutrients in our personal fuel systems for the next 24 days, and slide into Thanksgiving Day with fine-tuned metabolism and less body fat?  Just for fun!

Here’s the deal, dear Clients and Friends:

Starting NOW focus your meals on high taste and low glycemic load.  ( and enter food name.   Choose foods with an index number under 55.)  Keep a food journal to share with me each week, and enjoy a couple of support gifts from me:

1  Free (to current clients) body fat analysis (plus another on 11/27)   and

1  Free ($2 for media only) Visualization – 7 minutes of supportive suggestion.

Are you game?  If so,  bring height and weight measurement to me on your  next session for the body fat analysis.  I am using an electronic sensor that accurately assesses body fat.  This is optional as is the visualization.

Let me know if you are participating, begin your food journaling NOW and know you are in the best of company during your Upgrade.

‘Might be a good time to create  some quinnoa patties and freeze (, stock in some black beans or similar, and make sure there are sweet potatoes, fruit and single-wrapped dark chocolate in your kitchen. 

This upgrade may take a few minutes!


A Little News

10/23 to 11/1  I am on vacation .  I look forward to resuming training sessions on 11/4.

November is a terrific time to increase the efficiency of your body’s metabolism.  Beginning a low glycemic program on Nov 1st and committing to 27 days (right up to Thanksgiving Day) will finetune your body’s ability to process the culinary decadence of the holiday and all the bowls of football popcorn that follow!

I am happy to coach current clients at no added fee and I have a new tool for body fat analysis that is easy and accurate.  You can use a professional scale for measurement as well or my favorite:  a tight pair of jeans (that will be baggy when you wear them on T-Day).

Trainer’s Away Possibilities:

The weather is great for biking.  Make sure you add the slopes at Beach Ave and 19th Streets if you are in AB and add some sprints here and there.  Get off the bike and stretch too.

Take a Dutton Island walk and add a little “boot camp” as does BKH:  Tricep dips on low benches, knee lifts on steps or benches, squats anywhere, planks anywhere, Jumping Jacks and the Crane Core, of course.

Take a class you haven’t tried at a local gym – a little paperwork and a day rate ($10 to $15) will get you in for some cardio fun!  And if you are a member, add some weight work to cardio routines like SRH.

‘Proud to be your trainer!


Lucky for me I have  three sisters-in-law who enjoy healthy eating as much as I do.  One grows a huge garden full of vegetables and fruits.  Another is a chemist and tests food products for nutritional composition.  One is a connoisseur of healthy food and nutrition and sends me helpful links like this one.  Enjoy!


Picture 9


When choosing, consider the glycemic load, i.e. more conservative with Bananas, Pineapple, Peaches, Mango and Watermelon.  It is the height of the season.  Give yourself a treat and enjoy the slow, continuous energy from fruit!


Dancing Psoas

I am inviting you to check out another wordpress blog post:

This yoga-based post holds much information about the psoas muscle and some definitive photos as well.  (Thank you, Pam, for sharing with me.)  It refers to the thirty years of research by by Liz Koch (  on the”somatically aware” psoas.

“The Psoas is the only muscle to connect the spine to the legs.”

“A relaxed psoas is the mark of play and creative expression.  Instead of the contracted psoas, ready to run or fight, the relaxed and released psoas is ready instead to lengthen and open, to dance.”

Notice particularly the description of a “bio-intelligent psoas”, the many issues that can be related, and the all the healthy movement that it can engender. Again, the photos are instructive and fascinating.

What does this mean for our Ready for Anything Fitness sessions?  More hip opener stretching at end of sessions, and more hip warming at beginning.

What does this suggest for you, the reader or client?  More Dancing!  I’m talking some strong rhythm and blues movement.  Suggest:  “Madness” by the artist, Muse.

Keeping it loose …

The following link will take you to the “Scientific 7-Minute Workout” from Well Magazine, as passed along to me by DaC:

You can print the image to make it easy for yourself and read the instructions.  Since I am very specific on alignment I would encourage you to follow my training guidelines on #6 Squat, maybe substitute on #10 Lunge.  Otherwise, modify for your own benefit.

Possible additions to extend the workout (because all of you can do this with ease):

“Sandwich”:  Begin with 5 min warm-up walk, perform 7 Min Series, and follow with a 5 min fast walk or jog.  Stretch!

“Double Up”:  Repeat 7 Min Series with 2 min Easy Movement (march, dance, pretend skate) between and Stretch on end.

“Advanced”:  Extend each exercise time to 45 seconds.  Stretch!

This is fun and different.  It would be best to warm up before beginning and stretch on the end, as I have noted.

I offer this post for motivation to you, my clients while I take time to learn some new moves this week and enjoy playing with a five year old!  Be ready to tell me how you tweaked your fitness when next we meet.  ‘Thinking of you ….

Creative Cardio

While the trainer’s away …. Some ideas for increasing your Cardio Fitness.

At the Gym:

Punctuate a 20 to 30 minute treadmill session with some sprint minutes here and there, and start, at least, at level 1 (street level) and preferably 3.  (Same process for any cardio machine.)  OR

Clock 10 minutes on treadmill, then 10 minutes on a bike, and 10 minutes on an elliptical  OR

Row 500 meters on a rowing machine, and then, 20 minutes on another cardio machine  OR

If your knees are good with it, use the stair step machine for five minutes and start out slowly, extending your body straight up when you step.

When using a recumbent bike particularly, PUSH YOURSELF to a higher level and maintain an RPM that is challenging for a minute at precise intervals.


Play with your WALK.  Add some 20 second sprints here and there.  If there are curbs in your walking path, side-step up and down, then turn around and repeat the other side.  Look for ways to make it unusual.

Pedal faster, if BIKING is your thing – again, little sprints or a new route.

A beach JOG, maybe?  Jog backwards at intervals.  Face the surf line in a strong PLANK for thirty seconds.  Walk in the surf – the ebb and flow of the waves have a massaging effect on the legs.  PADDLE!

Pool or Beach?  SWIM, and change strokes or use a kick board for a lap or two – again, short sprints.

Take a DANCE class or a challenging YOGA class.  In other words, change it up and give your body an active vacation.

More ideas on next post!

No Sessions 6/17 thru 6/19 and 7/1 thru 7/6

Saturday AM sessions available

PS:  I’ll be asking for details on your Creative Cardio!

During training sessions I have been referring to a protein cookie described to me by DaC.  She sent me the link, so here it is for you:  Once there click on Recipes, then Cookies, and from there “protein cookie”.  (The protein comes from the chickpea dough.)  Photos are really helpful.

And, for those of you loving the quinnoa patties and not loving the time spent with the saute’ skillet, check this option from Chef B:  “Yesterday I made quinnoa patties and cooked them in the oven. I used a 12 cup muffin tin and 1 recipe fit perfectly. Then I popped them out and froze them. I’m going to eat some tomorrow and try them with raita.  (use pam generously in the pan) 350 F for 30 min.” 

I am impressed with the nutritional and health changes I am witnessing.  Keep it up!  And in that regard, another word about consistent protein in your day:

“…processed grains or refined sugars should be avoided because they require increased insulin release, as there is no fiber to slow down the digestive process. Pairing a lean protein with a healthy carbohydrate allows the pancreas to work less hard when secreting insulin with the meal – giving the pancreas ‘a break’.”  (From Jillian Michaels and Dr Katja Van Herle in an article on Metabolism)

I love comments.

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