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How to Feed Your Dragon

…uh, BODY!  Nutritional Upgrade for the Fittest, April 2016:

What brings the quickest results to body shape and composition?  CHANGE!

1.  Make a commitment to a new form of physical fitness, like Dragon Boating, Kayaking, a month of Barre classes, a new bike route with speed changes, a dance class, etc.  And if you are a current client I will mix up a special batch of challenge for participants and we can compete – dragons having fun!

2.  Find a nutrition plan that you like, that you can handle easily in your life style, bringing yourself into a higher percentage of “Eating Clean”*, the best fuel for any dragon!  Here are a few ideas:

  • Low Glycemic Diet with “Cheat Days” after 10 compliant days (Weight Loss)
  • Virgin Diet – an Inflammation Reducing plan that supports metabolism, reduced joint pain and gives an overall “Feel Good” fast.
  • Choose your own:  Whole 30, Weight Watchers, etc.

3.  If you are interested, let’s start immediately, because it is already April 2nd, and:

Let me know what your goal is.

Email me a copy of a typical food intake for a weekday and a weekend day.

Select a measurement method:  scale, clothing, or my Fat Loss Monitor.

This can work for you NOW because it is already in place with 2-3 people already participating, and I’m in there with you too.  Don’t waste time thinking about how this could possibly be uncomfortable!

Bring yourself to flight preparedness, to excitement for flying and to optimal power without your tail dragging!

And if you are NOT my client, you can still participate with a fee.  Let me know.

Sarah, the Happy Dragon Trainer

Definition of “Eating Clean”:  Being mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin and your plate. At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.


Spring Break

I am taking a Spring Break this year, so join me! You can pick up a programmed circuit from me this week to practice on your own, or you can check out the following:

Tune up your bike and and ride! Ride the neighborhood! Ride toward Dutton Island and the Marsh. And, if you can haul your bike, check out Hannah Park and ride; check out Nocatee* and ride; check out Amelia Island and ride!

Put on your best outdoor shoes and walk or run! Trail Walk on the Teddy Roosevelt trails off Fort Caroline Rd, one or more of the three fitness trails in Nocatee*, or the Sunshine Park Quarter Mile trail (South Jax Beach) – at least 4 times around. And when you see a bench, perform some tricep dips. When you see a step, perform some step-knee reps with arms overhead.

And if you have a gym membership, enhance your cardio strength with 10 minutes Elyptical, 10 minutes Treadmill, 10 minutes Recumbent Bike and include some 30 second bursts of faster movement often.

Learn to kayak (Amelia venues) or paddle board (here at the beaches) and prepare to be excited and suntanned!

Then, of course, meet me back here on the week beginning 4/6 and fill me in on your choices and your fun! We can keep our bodies and our minds refreshed with outdoor physical activity that we love! We can also witness the strength and flexibility – the “functional fitness” that we own!


News and Ideas!

Today’s post is a smorgasbord of news and ideas. I offer it all as health support for my clients, readers and friends.

First: My sister-in-law, Mary, sent me the following ranking guide on diets: “diets” meaning healthy eating programs. It is interesting and was created by a “panel of experts”, rather than a population survey and is published by a creditable source. Check out the categories and play with the sort:

Second: In my five week absence, come to this blog for exercise ideas! The following are archived posts that present exercise regimens:

“Seven Minutes Plus”, published 6/27/13

“Creative Cardio”, published 6/15/13

“Solo Two”, published 2/12/13

“Super Solo”, published 10/07/12

“Tabata To You”, published 10/12/12

Third: My one YouTube video is always available for a power yoga warm-up: and search: Sarah Deprin and Total Body Warm Up.

Fourth: For current clients, who have recently trained with me and know the specific exercises, I have two new circuits. You can pick the printouts up now when you come for a session or request them by email.

So there you have it. Enjoy changes in your fitness program while I am away and eat your veggies!


Retreat/Play Time

I strongly believe that “Change is Good”! In that respect I am giving myself a treat – a retreat in Maine for the month of August! Every day I will be hiking, my favorite exercise! Change is good for all of us!

In July I will be posting ideas for alternate workouts for you, and encourage you to try some classes or new gym offerings just for the fun of it. Let’s start talking about what you might want to try.

Since we train for Functional Fitness we are ready for a new class format or dance style, more evenings kayaking (you are already doing that), and maybe Stand Up Paddle. How refreshing when we meet again in September to share a new physical activity that gave us increased confidence, mental stimulation and all-out FUN! It might be party worthy.

The following are upcoming NO SESSIONS days:

June 26 through July 4 (A Carolina trip for me and playtime with family)

July 31 through Sep 4  (Maine)

Beginning Sep 5, expect some new personal training formats: shorter, more intense circuits with the usual comprehensive warms-ups and beautiful stretch time, giving you more time to play! Yoga sessions are always an option and …

TAI CHI AND QIGONG Sessions now available on a private basis. Hosting a morning or afternoon group session of four or more provides the host gifted tuition.

As always, I am grateful for you, my clients and friends!

Ever Ready

I was going to stop with Post Number 100, wanting to hang around with that nice number, AND here I am again  …. because you are making beautiful effort!

My sister-in-law, Mary, has provided the following link, should you want ideas for snacks, aka second and fourth meal of the day.  Thank you, Mary!

In my absence next week (another certification for me), I am sharing some ideas for Cardio, for you, my wonderful clients!  How about reporting back to me when we resume on Feb 3rd your fitness programs for this coming week!   I would like to hear:

“I took a [whatever] class at the gym or dance studio.”

“I selected my favorite playlist and danced for fifteen minutes twice this week.”

“I doubled my usual walk every day.”

“I rode my bike to [wherever] and [wherever] and [wherever].”

“I borrowed a DVD and completed a workout twice this week.”

“It was so cold I went to one of the enclosed malls and walked the whole thing.”

“I practiced all the planks this week and here are my duration times!”

“I printed my FitBit data so you can see my effort.”

“I found a fitness circuit on a cable channel – piece of cake for me.”

“I created my own session from exercises I know.  Check it out!”

“I completed one-thousand crunches for the week.”  (Prize for that one!!) OR

So, just like the food journals, I love watching you care for yourselves, and I usually learn from your experience too.  So, surprise me!


Number 100: Giving Thanks!

‘Grateful for YOU, my valued client and friend!  I appreciate your patronage and your commitment.  I am proud of you as well as I watch your effort and performance, and as I witness your commitment to good nutrition and health.

I hope to see you at my Annual Holiday Brunch on 12/15, Eleven until Two.    And in the meantime ….

We are continuing our nutrition upgrade, giving our bodies the finest nutrition we can, approaching the bounty of Thanksgiving Day with responsive metabolism and well-fed bodies – only four more days until “Upgrade Completed Successfully”!

You rock!

Cupboard Cache

Having foods in your Cupboard that support your nutritional goals is important.  All too often your food program can get sabotaged by the absence of satisfying sustenance.  The following foods, exchanged in and out of your daily food intake, can offer just that, create a little cache:

Hummus (2 Tablespoons)

Nut Butter (1 Tablespoon)

Celery Sticks, Carrot Sticks

2 % Cheese Sticks (1)

Avocado  ¼ (nutrient dense and around 60 calories, low glycemic)

Yogurt  (Dannon “Light and Fit” 4.6 oz.  If you have another preference, match these numbers)

Raw Nuts (¼ Cup)

Fat Free Cottage Cheese (1/2 Cup)

Decaf Coffee – single serving

Dark chocolate covered cherries, ginger, berries 1/5 Cup

Dark Chocolate (single serving wrapped)

AND, … regarding Chocolate, my sister-in-law, Mary, provided me this link:  More Chocolate Linked to Lower Body Fat Level

 AND, one of my favorite snacks comes from Diesel Cross Train Fitness and I have included it before – well worth the repeat:

½ C Fat Free cottage cheese

4 oz “carb well” yogurt (i.e. Dannon)

1 teaspoon Flax Seed Meal (gives nutty flavor)

Stir together and freeze for approx 10 minutes before eating

SO, one week in for many of you on your “nutritional upgrade”.  ‘Hope you feel supported by the visualization I created, and now, the tips above.  I am keeping your workouts heavy too, holding you accountable, AND you are in good company!  Just seventeen days to our goal!

Coming in December:  My ANNUAL HOLIDAY BRUNCH – Dec 15th, 11-2!

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