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Spring Break

I am taking a Spring Break this year, so join me! You can pick up a programmed circuit from me this week to practice on your own, or you can check out the following:

Tune up your bike and and ride! Ride the neighborhood! Ride toward Dutton Island and the Marsh. And, if you can haul your bike, check out Hannah Park and ride; check out Nocatee* and ride; check out Amelia Island and ride!

Put on your best outdoor shoes and walk or run! Trail Walk on the Teddy Roosevelt trails off Fort Caroline Rd, one or more of the three fitness trails in Nocatee*, or the Sunshine Park Quarter Mile trail (South Jax Beach) – at least 4 times around. And when you see a bench, perform some tricep dips. When you see a step, perform some step-knee reps with arms overhead.

And if you have a gym membership, enhance your cardio strength with 10 minutes Elyptical, 10 minutes Treadmill, 10 minutes Recumbent Bike and include some 30 second bursts of faster movement often.

Learn to kayak (Amelia venues) or paddle board (here at the beaches) and prepare to be excited and suntanned!

Then, of course, meet me back here on the week beginning 4/6 and fill me in on your choices and your fun! We can keep our bodies and our minds refreshed with outdoor physical activity that we love! We can also witness the strength and flexibility – the “functional fitness” that we own!



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