Stories and Wellness Support for my clients and interested viewers!

News and Ideas!

Today’s post is a smorgasbord of news and ideas. I offer it all as health support for my clients, readers and friends.

First: My sister-in-law, Mary, sent me the following ranking guide on diets: “diets” meaning healthy eating programs. It is interesting and was created by a “panel of experts”, rather than a population survey and is published by a creditable source. Check out the categories and play with the sort:

Second: In my five week absence, come to this blog for exercise ideas! The following are archived posts that present exercise regimens:

“Seven Minutes Plus”, published 6/27/13

“Creative Cardio”, published 6/15/13

“Solo Two”, published 2/12/13

“Super Solo”, published 10/07/12

“Tabata To You”, published 10/12/12

Third: My one YouTube video is always available for a power yoga warm-up: and search: Sarah Deprin and Total Body Warm Up.

Fourth: For current clients, who have recently trained with me and know the specific exercises, I have two new circuits. You can pick the printouts up now when you come for a session or request them by email.

So there you have it. Enjoy changes in your fitness program while I am away and eat your veggies!



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