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Retreat/Play Time

I strongly believe that “Change is Good”! In that respect I am giving myself a treat – a retreat in Maine for the month of August! Every day I will be hiking, my favorite exercise! Change is good for all of us!

In July I will be posting ideas for alternate workouts for you, and encourage you to try some classes or new gym offerings just for the fun of it. Let’s start talking about what you might want to try.

Since we train for Functional Fitness we are ready for a new class format or dance style, more evenings kayaking (you are already doing that), and maybe Stand Up Paddle. How refreshing when we meet again in September to share a new physical activity that gave us increased confidence, mental stimulation and all-out FUN! It might be party worthy.

The following are upcoming NO SESSIONS days:

June 26 through July 4 (A Carolina trip for me and playtime with family)

July 31 through Sep 4  (Maine)

Beginning Sep 5, expect some new personal training formats: shorter, more intense circuits with the usual comprehensive warms-ups and beautiful stretch time, giving you more time to play! Yoga sessions are always an option and …

TAI CHI AND QIGONG Sessions now available on a private basis. Hosting a morning or afternoon group session of four or more provides the host gifted tuition.

As always, I am grateful for you, my clients and friends!


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