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Ever Ready

I was going to stop with Post Number 100, wanting to hang around with that nice number, AND here I am again  …. because you are making beautiful effort!

My sister-in-law, Mary, has provided the following link, should you want ideas for snacks, aka second and fourth meal of the day.  Thank you, Mary!

In my absence next week (another certification for me), I am sharing some ideas for Cardio, for you, my wonderful clients!  How about reporting back to me when we resume on Feb 3rd your fitness programs for this coming week!   I would like to hear:

“I took a [whatever] class at the gym or dance studio.”

“I selected my favorite playlist and danced for fifteen minutes twice this week.”

“I doubled my usual walk every day.”

“I rode my bike to [wherever] and [wherever] and [wherever].”

“I borrowed a DVD and completed a workout twice this week.”

“It was so cold I went to one of the enclosed malls and walked the whole thing.”

“I practiced all the planks this week and here are my duration times!”

“I printed my FitBit data so you can see my effort.”

“I found a fitness circuit on a cable channel – piece of cake for me.”

“I created my own session from exercises I know.  Check it out!”

“I completed one-thousand crunches for the week.”  (Prize for that one!!) OR

So, just like the food journals, I love watching you care for yourselves, and I usually learn from your experience too.  So, surprise me!



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