Stories and Wellness Support for my clients and interested viewers!

‘Grateful for YOU, my valued client and friend!  I appreciate your patronage and your commitment.  I am proud of you as well as I watch your effort and performance, and as I witness your commitment to good nutrition and health.

I hope to see you at my Annual Holiday Brunch on 12/15, Eleven until Two.    And in the meantime ….

We are continuing our nutrition upgrade, giving our bodies the finest nutrition we can, approaching the bounty of Thanksgiving Day with responsive metabolism and well-fed bodies – only four more days until “Upgrade Completed Successfully”!

You rock!


Comments on: "Number 100: Giving Thanks!" (3)

  1. Bobbie Jo Hunter said:

    Post number 100! Wow! Have a joy filled week, Sarasita. When are y’all driving up to SC.

    Bobbie Jo

    Life Coach


  2. Sarah, I am grateful for you, too. You bring answers, meaning, structure and fun to workouts.
    Thank you for your gifts of knowledge, Knowing intuitively what we need, and the love and care you extend to all. You are special and I am glad you are in my life. Happy Holidays!

  3. With comments like these it is assured I will have a joy filled week! We are leaving late morning Wednesday for South Carolina, participating in the Turkey Trot first thing Thursday morning. Yes: Happy Holidays!

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