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Number 100: Giving Thanks!

‘Grateful for YOU, my valued client and friend!  I appreciate your patronage and your commitment.  I am proud of you as well as I watch your effort and performance, and as I witness your commitment to good nutrition and health.

I hope to see you at my Annual Holiday Brunch on 12/15, Eleven until Two.    And in the meantime ….

We are continuing our nutrition upgrade, giving our bodies the finest nutrition we can, approaching the bounty of Thanksgiving Day with responsive metabolism and well-fed bodies – only four more days until “Upgrade Completed Successfully”!

You rock!


Cupboard Cache

Having foods in your Cupboard that support your nutritional goals is important.  All too often your food program can get sabotaged by the absence of satisfying sustenance.  The following foods, exchanged in and out of your daily food intake, can offer just that, create a little cache:

Hummus (2 Tablespoons)

Nut Butter (1 Tablespoon)

Celery Sticks, Carrot Sticks

2 % Cheese Sticks (1)

Avocado  ¼ (nutrient dense and around 60 calories, low glycemic)

Yogurt  (Dannon “Light and Fit” 4.6 oz.  If you have another preference, match these numbers)

Raw Nuts (¼ Cup)

Fat Free Cottage Cheese (1/2 Cup)

Decaf Coffee – single serving

Dark chocolate covered cherries, ginger, berries 1/5 Cup

Dark Chocolate (single serving wrapped)

AND, … regarding Chocolate, my sister-in-law, Mary, provided me this link:  More Chocolate Linked to Lower Body Fat Level

 AND, one of my favorite snacks comes from Diesel Cross Train Fitness and I have included it before – well worth the repeat:

½ C Fat Free cottage cheese

4 oz “carb well” yogurt (i.e. Dannon)

1 teaspoon Flax Seed Meal (gives nutty flavor)

Stir together and freeze for approx 10 minutes before eating

SO, one week in for many of you on your “nutritional upgrade”.  ‘Hope you feel supported by the visualization I created, and now, the tips above.  I am keeping your workouts heavy too, holding you accountable, AND you are in good company!  Just seventeen days to our goal!

Coming in December:  My ANNUAL HOLIDAY BRUNCH – Dec 15th, 11-2!

Performance Upgrade

Everything is eligible for an upgrade to “better”, “faster”, “more responsive”, “more features” – devices, memberships, systems, vehicles.  Why not upgrade the nutrients in our personal fuel systems for the next 24 days, and slide into Thanksgiving Day with fine-tuned metabolism and less body fat?  Just for fun!

Here’s the deal, dear Clients and Friends:

Starting NOW focus your meals on high taste and low glycemic load.  ( and enter food name.   Choose foods with an index number under 55.)  Keep a food journal to share with me each week, and enjoy a couple of support gifts from me:

1  Free (to current clients) body fat analysis (plus another on 11/27)   and

1  Free ($2 for media only) Visualization – 7 minutes of supportive suggestion.

Are you game?  If so,  bring height and weight measurement to me on your  next session for the body fat analysis.  I am using an electronic sensor that accurately assesses body fat.  This is optional as is the visualization.

Let me know if you are participating, begin your food journaling NOW and know you are in the best of company during your Upgrade.

‘Might be a good time to create  some quinnoa patties and freeze (, stock in some black beans or similar, and make sure there are sweet potatoes, fruit and single-wrapped dark chocolate in your kitchen. 

This upgrade may take a few minutes!

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