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A Little News

10/23 to 11/1  I am on vacation .  I look forward to resuming training sessions on 11/4.

November is a terrific time to increase the efficiency of your body’s metabolism.  Beginning a low glycemic program on Nov 1st and committing to 27 days (right up to Thanksgiving Day) will finetune your body’s ability to process the culinary decadence of the holiday and all the bowls of football popcorn that follow!

I am happy to coach current clients at no added fee and I have a new tool for body fat analysis that is easy and accurate.  You can use a professional scale for measurement as well or my favorite:  a tight pair of jeans (that will be baggy when you wear them on T-Day).

Trainer’s Away Possibilities:

The weather is great for biking.  Make sure you add the slopes at Beach Ave and 19th Streets if you are in AB and add some sprints here and there.  Get off the bike and stretch too.

Take a Dutton Island walk and add a little “boot camp” as does BKH:  Tricep dips on low benches, knee lifts on steps or benches, squats anywhere, planks anywhere, Jumping Jacks and the Crane Core, of course.

Take a class you haven’t tried at a local gym – a little paperwork and a day rate ($10 to $15) will get you in for some cardio fun!  And if you are a member, add some weight work to cardio routines like SRH.

‘Proud to be your trainer!



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