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Dancing Psoas

I am inviting you to check out another wordpress blog post:

This yoga-based post holds much information about the psoas muscle and some definitive photos as well.  (Thank you, Pam, for sharing with me.)  It refers to the thirty years of research by by Liz Koch (  on the”somatically aware” psoas.

“The Psoas is the only muscle to connect the spine to the legs.”

“A relaxed psoas is the mark of play and creative expression.  Instead of the contracted psoas, ready to run or fight, the relaxed and released psoas is ready instead to lengthen and open, to dance.”

Notice particularly the description of a “bio-intelligent psoas”, the many issues that can be related, and the all the healthy movement that it can engender. Again, the photos are instructive and fascinating.

What does this mean for our Ready for Anything Fitness sessions?  More hip opener stretching at end of sessions, and more hip warming at beginning.

What does this suggest for you, the reader or client?  More Dancing!  I’m talking some strong rhythm and blues movement.  Suggest:  “Madness” by the artist, Muse.

Keeping it loose …


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