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Cookies N’ More

During training sessions I have been referring to a protein cookie described to me by DaC.  She sent me the link, so here it is for you:  Once there click on Recipes, then Cookies, and from there “protein cookie”.  (The protein comes from the chickpea dough.)  Photos are really helpful.

And, for those of you loving the quinnoa patties and not loving the time spent with the saute’ skillet, check this option from Chef B:  “Yesterday I made quinnoa patties and cooked them in the oven. I used a 12 cup muffin tin and 1 recipe fit perfectly. Then I popped them out and froze them. I’m going to eat some tomorrow and try them with raita.  (use pam generously in the pan) 350 F for 30 min.” 

I am impressed with the nutritional and health changes I am witnessing.  Keep it up!  And in that regard, another word about consistent protein in your day:

“…processed grains or refined sugars should be avoided because they require increased insulin release, as there is no fiber to slow down the digestive process. Pairing a lean protein with a healthy carbohydrate allows the pancreas to work less hard when secreting insulin with the meal – giving the pancreas ‘a break’.”  (From Jillian Michaels and Dr Katja Van Herle in an article on Metabolism)

I love comments.


Girlfriends with Goals

For all my readers and clients:

“You know, you can slip into some fine nutrition and begin a practice for better health and thinness in the middle of a Thursday afternoon.  You don’t have to wait for Monday Morning.  Why set up something wonderful for yourself on a day with a “workday” reputation?

However, if Monday Morning is your choice, I am right behind you ALL THE WAY!  And, if Today is Your Monday, you are already in fabulous company: Girlfriends with Goals!

Already there are four of us, who just happen to be female, committed to nutritional goals through the end of April.  If you are considering a “tweak” for yourself, join us.  It is always easier to back away from the processed sugar when you know you are not alone!

One of us has committed to negating processed sugar from her nutrition practice, and she has already let go of some weight and joint pain;  she began a couple weeks ago.  Bravo, DC!

Two others have committed to a weight loss goal of seven pounds by end of April.  They are focused on higher quality nutrition, Clean Eating and are enthusiastic.  Way to Go, Friday 8 AM!

And I have realized a need and desire for CleanER Eating, recommitting to the low glycemic nutritional plan and eliminating some non-nutritious snacking  (always works for me).  I opted for beginning this past Saturday, and yes, late in the afternoon I questioned, “What was I thinking?”  On Sunday I considered “this isn’t SO bad ..”  Today I’m at ease, knowing I have three buddies with me.

And just so you know, I am supporting with some new fitness combinations this week – all for you, and should you want support, leave a comment or send an email.

[Girl]Friends with Goals challenge and support each other – Yes we do!

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