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Please reserve Sunday, Dec 16th for Brunch at my house, 11-2.  You will receive an invitation in a few days with specifics.   More fun!

My personal training rates are increasing as of Jan 1st, 2013.  Private Sessions will be $35.00 each and Team Sessions (Two Clients) will be $20.00 each person.  During December I am selling packages of sessions at the current rate for established and former clients:  8 Private Sessions for $200, and 8 Team Sessions for $120, redeemable until 3/31/2013.

Also, join me on Friday, January 4th for a study on Belief and Metabolism to jump-start the new year with increased vitality.  This a free class that presents perfect-weight solutions and strategies with no deprivation dieting.  Attend to learn or as Day One of a thirty day program toward enhanced leanness and athleticism in 2013.  Program includes presentation, brief discussion, a light fitness circuit, and a visualization.  Why not?!

(More on the Thirty Day Program in upcoming posts.)


Charity Squats

My clients bring me joy in so many different ways.  I am gifted fresh fruit,  precious home-gathered honey, and good book trades.  Some bring enthusiasm and some bring commitment, and almost everyone shows up on time!  One or two bring laughter.  I appreciate them all!

My early double appointment this morning featured E and ShR – two strong execs playing off each other as they performed the exercises.  I am often in stitches with these two.  We worked a Nested Circuit today, and the inside circuit featured seven  squats.  E mistakenly kept going, and I told her she could stop, and that I wasn’t going to count those in the next set.  ShR commented “So you just did Charity Squats!” (giggle)  We all three erupted into laughter for a moment.

I’m still laughing and imagining my dream gym, complete with stand-up comedy for every session!  You should have been there …..

Lucky Me

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