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Tabata to You!

Motivate yourself through a strong solo workout, using the Tabata.  Few accessories are needed, and it is fast and effective!

In a Tabata, one exercise is performed for a specified time frame, i.e. 20 Seconds, followed IMMEDIATELY by a specified time rest, i.e. 10 Seconds.  So, 20,10,20,10,20,10,20,10 (4 repetitions) fills 2 minutes.  Proceed IMMEDIATELY to the next exercise set.

The following Tabata program is strenghthening for full body.  WARM UP FIRST!

20 Sec “Work” – 10 Sec Rest X 6 or 4


Mountain Climb or Plank

Toe Touches or Crunches with Feet Hooked (under sofa)

Knee Lifts – use step, if possible (One Side at a Time)

Ball or Weight Over Shoulder (One side at a Time)

Follow this with your favorite Yoga balance, then favorite stretch, i.e. Pigeon

If a computer is close, use – easy to set the parameters, then just go!  There are apps available as well.  Otherwise, stopwatch or count.  Have fun!

And, I’m thinking of you, so Get It Done!


Super Solo …

…. challenging workout for self-training opportunities:

Warm-Up (Cardio) – 5 minutes – Your Choice!

30 Jacks

10 Squats

40 Second Plank

Knee Lifts (12 ea – can use step)

Lunges or Side Kicks  (12 ea)

Twice:  5 Push-Ups

10 Toe Touches

Isometric Crunch Hold – 15 seconds

20 Jacks

8 Squats

30 Second Plank


Cool Down, and Stretch – Your Choice!

Check in soon for a Tabata Routine …

 Miss You!

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