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Empowered Choice

In my corporate days I worked with a woman named Stella, who was older than myself, wore power suits, beautiful scarves and edgy lapel pins.  We were discussing books one day and she announced, “I only read fiction.”  I argued for my favorite biography, and she reannounced, looking directly into my eyes, “I only read fiction.”

The next day I arrived at a rental car agency to pick up a car for a long business trip.  They apologized and offered me a utility van, saying that was all they had.  Stella popped into my mind and, looking them directly in the eyes, I replied, “I don’t drive vans.”  They brought me a Town Car.

New research to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that 80 percent of women who used the phrase, ‘I don’t eat that’ were able to resist foods that were not on their plan, while only 10 percent who said ‘I can’t eat it’ were successful in avoiding temptation.  It’s all about being empowered” says  Vanessa M. Patrick, PhD, lead author of the study. (Shape Magazine, July, 2012).

“What you say can either make you feel like you’re in control, or make you feel deprived.”

When we are fine-tuning our metabolism or our exercise options or our lifestyle preferences, it is important to be clear, and then empower ourselves with simple phrases spoken without emotion or extensive explanation.  It is our very life we are supporting, and why not live it with empowerment?!

DC shares a Smoothie Recipe, called “Basic Balance”

     1 Apple or Pear, include seeds and peel but not stem

     1 C Kale, any kind

     1 C water

 (Keeps in fridge 2 days)


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