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Dog Days of Summer

There is a new pack member at my house – an eight-month-old Bloodhound Puppy.  Friends have graciously loaned me several volumes of Cesar Millan’s books and DVDs regarding the raising of a “perfect” puppy.  His formula for that is prevalent in all his media:  for a “balanced” and “fulfilled” dog, three elements:  Exercise, Discipline, Affection, in that order!

Several conversations have occurred since I began my study.  Others confirm my insight – that the Dog Whisperer’s advice is sound for humans as well.  (As I listen to his voice I sometimes snap to the realization that I’m applying his philosophy to  myself!)  In these Dog Days of Summer we might keep it simple with:

Exercise  –  critical to the balanced human every day.   We can adopt a canine curiosity and take a new route on the bike, trade bikes with a friend for an hour, reverse our walking program, participate with eagerness in a new fitness program.

Discipline – make sure the choices we make are the best for our ultimate health and well-being.  Fulfilling our dreams involves making consistent effort in that direction and keeping our thoughts about ourselves positive!

Affection – loving ourselves, in some part. addresses the food we eat and that experience.  Seeking out the best taste, the best nutrition and time to enjoy it is an act of self love.  Massages, good movies and great music contributes to a happy whole self too.

After our long walk, some training time and healthy food, the Bloodhound drops herself onto the cool floor, raises her droopy eye lids and gives me that great big “life is good” sigh.


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