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Little Boxes

Chef Barbara came in today with enthusiasm and her trademark chuckle.  We worked a long circuit today because she is ready for that – physically and mentally.  She shared with me some specifics of her continuing success story.  It has to do with Little Boxes, and everyone knows good things come in little boxes.

Just because she can doesn’t mean she prepares elaborate meals everyday.  Rather, she prepares efficiently, so that her time in the kitchen for her own nutrition is minimal:  Open her freezer and you will find stacks of small containers,  holding serving sizes of food cooked to perfection and frozen, so that she can pull together an excellent meal in a matter of minutes.  Each Little Box holds one of the following:

One Serving of Salmon w/Basil Sauce (A large fillet cooked and divided proportionately).

2/3 C Super Grain (Basmati, Quinnoa, Farro or a mix).

2/3 C Black or Pinto Beans, cooked overnight in a crock pot with lots of onions and garlic.

1 C Blueberries or 2/3 C Apricots or Figs (Place fruit in ½ inch  boiling water, kill heat, cover – transfer to container when cool).

The Salmon is an available protein source for any meal.  The Beans are an available protein source for any meal.  The Fruit is immediately available whenever fresh is not, and can also be a side to grains or part of a healthy smoothie.  The Grains are an available, healthy carb for any meal (only a sprinkle at dinner), and can be mixed or eaten solo, maybe with some nuts or fruit or beans.

Have on hand some eggs or egg whites, sweet potatoes and low sugar/carb yogurt and you have basic, healthy, clean eating!

Mini Recipe from Chef B:  Saute’ some finely chopped celery and onions.  Add a beaten egg, and lastly some grains and favorite seasonings:  Good Tasting, Healthy, Inexpensive! 

Just some preparation and little boxes.  They are portable too!

Thank You, Chef B!


Comments on: "Little Boxes" (1)

  1. sharonelliott said:

    So fun! Chef Barbara sounds like she might be a Virgo! I would love to raid her frig on those evenings when the cupboard is bare. Thanks for the inspiration.

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