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Summer Throwing a Party!

Round, wooden bowls sit on the counter work space.  One holds creamy yellow peach slices, the top ones threatening to slide off.  One contains blueberries, mounded symmetrically, their smooth skins a subtle, grayish blue.  One embraces  blackberries, heaped high, flaunting their glistening, clustering pods of delight.

The stained and scratched big cutting board edges next to the bowls, and on its top sits a half loaf of bread, a combination of grains and seeds, dense with nutrition, a nutty brown color.  A glass bowl, containing a honey comb, leaking the taste of the gods, completes the selection – a feast for the eyes, for the taste buds – already activated, and for the body’s healthy systems.

A feeling of abundance comes over me as I view gifts of this earth.  I’m excited by my incredible fortune, grateful for my amazing health.

Summer is throwing a party this year with budding green markets, fresh-from-the-fields roadside markets and pick-your-own farms assisting.  It’s easy to eat well and feel healthy.  Change up your dishes and have fun with this.  Send me a photo.

(I’m inspired by my daughter, Beth’s kitchen and our wonderful time at the Happy Berry Farm in South Carolina.  Link =


Full Moon June Time

Cool morning on the coastline – delicious breeze.  Our bike ride took us past a standing parade of colorful blooms, peeking over sidewalks, around mailboxes and tree trunks.  The ocean breeze fluttered the palms and the grasses – certainly motivating for exercise. 

The outdoors are calling us during this Full Moon June Time.  Let the barbells gather some dust and feel your strong body calling you into an easy jog or jumping to catch one of low-hanging tree limbs for a little swing.  Twirl.  Dive into some cool water.

My recent trip to Utah gifted me in many ways, and one of the gifts was an amazing healthy recipe with a dynamite taste:  Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad.  My friend, Susan, made this for us in large bulk.  We could assemble a serving whenever we wanted, except that Mary kept eating the almonds!   Here is the link on Bon Appetit:

I would advise assembling a greater ratio of almonds, since, evidently, almonds make one really happy!

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