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Ready for ANYTHING!

Little did I know that my upper body strength would sustain me on a hike – a nine hour trek that was supposed to be four hours.  After the climb up those rocky mountains, an endless rock slide appeared to be the only way down – over two thousand feet.  Sure, some of the time I was on my bum, and a lot of the time, I could support my weight while grasping boulders on either side of the “trail”/slide and propel myself through.

“Functional Fitness” is the description my friends at Diesel offer – strengthening the total body plus cardio – such a departure from the aerobic only focus of the past few decades, especially for women.  It motivates me to add more equipment to my training studio.  Well, .. uh,  actually I DO have a new toy this week. 

It is my goal that each client walks out of our session empowered and ready for Anything, just in case:

–       you’re hanging at the  beach and a friend walks up, dragging a two-person kayak and asks you to paddle out.  You have no thoughts like, “What if I can’t get in it?” You just reply, “Great – I’m in!”

–       you’ve found a furniture deal at a garage sale, and there is only one skinny teenager to help  transfer it into your vehicle.  Of course you consider the smart way to proceed, and then, “piece of cake”!

–       The elevator is broken and your office is on the seventh floor.  Your boss walks with you and starts asking you questions …., well, you should have been taking the stairs all along!   

As my friend, Susan, remarked earlier this week, “Trails are for wimps”.



Cat’s Away

One cat’s away – the other cats play!  Since a healthy body responds excitedly to exercise variety,  a personal trainer’s absence can create opportunity, so seize the day!  Some ideas to stimulate you, my dear friends and clients:

Terrific 24:  Sandwich this little cardio set between other exercises you know and love:  24 Jacks or Heel Jacks, 24 (or 12) Abdominal Crunches, and Plank held for 24 seconds.  The “other exercises” might be squats, push-ups, bicep curls, tricep dips, dancer legs, knee lifts.  Twenty minutes, uninterrupted, of this type of workout is effective!

Walking:  Vary your walking to increase your fitness.  Create a music playlist with some faster tracks or time yourself to normal pace for 5 minutes, faster pace for 5, walk backwards for 1, and repeat set.  If you walk in a neighborhood with curbs, use them to step up and down regularly.  Visit the South Beach Park and Sunshine Playground on South Beach Parkway and walk the track – time yourself.  Walk in the surf and soak up some minerals while you do.

Biking:  Again, change speed, climb 19th street to Beach, ride for time, ride for distance.  Ride a different bike.  Do mini push-ups from the handle bars as you ride.

Walk up stairs:  posture straight up with a strong gluteal squeeze, of course.

Volley Ball, Swim, Fitness Class

And, above all, bring me some stories when we get back together again.  I want to hear what you created for yourself.  Oh, and BTW:  I’ll have something new too because I’m taking some classes myself.  But, you first!

A Winning Recipe

It’s fun to search for and enjoy recipes that have it all: phenomenal taste, optimal nutrition, preparation ease, decent “leftover” integrity and economy.  This one is a winner, and gets a salute from Chef Barbara, who says it comes from Joy of Cooking and is a “great seasonal one”.  Yum!

Black Bean, Corn, and Tomato Salad

Boil in water to cover for 1 minute:  1.5 C corn kernels (cut from 3 ears corn).  Drain and rinse under cold water.

Whisk together in small bowl:  2 T red wine vinegar, 1 clove garlic – minced, 1/8 t salt, ground black pepper to taste.

Gradually whisk in:  5 T olive oil, or to taste, and ¼ C snipped or sliced fresh basil.

Toss with most of the dressing in a serving bowl:  3 C cooked black beans (about 1 cup dried) rinsed and drained if canned.

With remaining dressing, toss the corn along with:  8 oz cherry tomatoes, halved, 1 C chopped red onions.

Stir gently into the beans.  Serve garnished with fresh Basil leaves.

Note:  only the corn is slightly above the low glycemic range.  The nutritional and taste values are so high on the dish as a whole, however, that a generous portion still offers a balanced choice for a lean and healthy eating experience.  This is a good example of incorporating a higher glycemic food that you love into an overall low glycemic fueling strategy.

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