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Benevolent Berries


The following article reflects extensive research and insightful conclusions about the positive effects of berries on mental health.  My sister-in-law Mary, a chemist/researcher herself, sent it to me, noting that it is research completed by women for women:

You can’t go wrong with berries – a cup of any of the berries gives you low-glycemic energy – a slowly delivered energy that is sustaining throughout your day.  The juice of the berries delivers moisture to your skin.  We are now in the bountiful berry season, strawberries already peaking.  Not only are berries easily available, economic, and amazingly healthy, they are easy to package and easy to eat.  There is simply no excuse for not eating  and enjoying handfulls of berries.  It should be mandatory!

Fresh berries should be washed and that’s about it!  No peeling, no slicing, no prep!  However, if you want to vary your experience, some ideas:

Nothing new, AND, the handful of berries tossed in a salad add flavor, energy and health-giving elements as per the article noted above.

One of my favorite dishes to share is a mixture of red grapes and strawberries.  The key here is a round glass bowl filled high – just beautiful color, health and abundance.

And then there are large plump strawberries, or tiny skewers of the smaller berries dipped in dark chocolate.  (Add a touch of mint leaves to that plate.)

Bon Appetit!  Vie saine!


Power Hit!

The sleek red guitar screamed “gorgeous” as she lay in his arms.  She was electric in more ways than one.  Her shape was perfect; her physical presentation was high gloss patina;  she had presence and we applauded her before we ever heard a note.  And then we felt the sound wave that exploded from her.

Maybe her heart belonged to a Harley.  The sound that came was both magnificent and fierce.  Under the exquisite touch of her master it ripped into me and pulled away any hesitant idea I ever had.  Yes, I’m saying that stunning red guitar made me bold!

She wasn’t made for lullabies;  she came out of her case for the power hit!  It was her very nature.    Okay: the tie in – I’m getting to it:

It’s our personal “mission statement”  that requires our strength training, that requires our discipline and our effort.  We participate in order to strengthen our core, our physique, our health, our resolve, and like the red guitar, to ready and sustain us as we live our “ready for anything” moments.

It is my personal mission to help you do just that.  Thank you for the opportunity!

*  The sleek red guitar sings to the delight of musician extraordinaire, Walter Parks.



It would be a shame to continue through one’s life without knowing the strength and beauty of which one’s body is capable – at any age.  Many of my clients announce a collective goal of being healthier, and I am all for that!  We begin to work, and all of a sudden, muscle definition  pushes itself to visibility and suddenly one’s favorite dumbbell is not much of a challenge.

We look in the mirror because we want to maintain integrity of form, and surprisingly we witness the relocation of roundness: mid-body is thinner and the curve is now on the front thigh muscles.  The plunging back of a dress merely frames sculpted back muscles that we don’t usually see.

Picking up a flat of bottled water is child’s play and the sun sets as we continue the second hour of evening gardening with such stamina … I could go on, and so could you!  With each session you become stronger and your movement flaunts a fluidity that is beautiful.

Clients, I salute your effort.  You are valued!  Not-a-Current-Client?  It could be fun!

* Photo from Pinterest

Professional Trainer

My personal trainer, Allie Cosentino, has the following article on – follow the link:

Yes, I have a personal trainer too, and am grateful for her and the rest of the team at Diesel.  Not only do they keep me challenged, they know me and how to motivate me to my best.  I continue to learn each session as well – alignment tweaks or new combinations that stimulate me toward greater professional skill myself.

Enjoy the article and acknowledge yourself for finding a professional to guide you and for your own efforts toward abundant wellness and physical empowerment.

And, available this week:  body fat percentage assessments and measurements during private sessions – no added cost to clients during April.  So why would you do this?

The bathroom scale may not be reflecting the results you observe in your loose clothing.   By itself, it does not give you a complete picture.  OR

Knowing the composition of your body is responsible.  The right percentage for YOU is an important wellness factor.  OR

Often, the assessment results stimulate you toward greater satisfaction with your body, or toward adjustment, up or down, again for heightened wellness and empowerment.

You know I’m good with you sensing your progress in the way your clothing fits and the way your functional living feels.  It’s all good!


A Fit Woman

‘Sharing this morning a quote from Missy Park, Founder of Title Nine:

“A Fit Woman

     Is FIT for Office.  Is fit For Duty.  Is Fit to Serve.  Is Fit to RUN.  Is Fit to WIN.  IS fit for Motherhood.  Is Fit for LIFE.  Is fit to Bring home the BACON.  Is Fit to Eat bon-bons.  Is on SOME DAYS, fit to be Tied.  But Mostly, a FIT Woman is FIT for Everything.  Stay Fit.”

AND ….. Check out the photo below – Purchase all the ingredients you see and dress lightly with a vinegarette:  beautiful and delicious.  (Mine looked just like it.)


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