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Feel Good Mood


Joel Fuhrman, MD, family physician and author of books including Eat for Health and Eat to Live, speaks about the direct result of the power of positive thinking, the release of endorphins that may actually ease pain, often when a medication is physically ineffective, the “Feel Good Mood”.

People who jog regularly often talk about a “runner’s high,” which is a release of endorphins that happens when they hit a certain point in their workout. Dr. Fuhrman notes that the science of endorphins-from-exercise is controversial, and that some medical professionals believe the positive feeling you get when you meet a physical challenge, rather than the exertion itself, is what stimulates the endorphin release. But whatever the cause, exercise has been proven to enhance mood.

Dr. Fuhrman recommends prolonged activities such as cross-country skiing, swimming, tennis or a long cardio routine.  My experience indicates that a workout routine that offers something new or challenging produces the Feel Good Mood as well. The willingness to try and/or meet the challenge immediately offers a feeling of achievement that heightens our self image and is usually euphoric.  And you know: it’s never the same with my fitness routines.

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Welcome to Today!


Hmm ….. I could change my attitude; I could change my hair color; I could change my direction; I could change my address ……

I have chosen to change a little habit that has evolved over the last couple of months – a little evening snack ritual.  Usually I am physically active all day, and when evening comes I sink into the wonderful sofa cushions and put my feet up.  My partner and I turn on the television and relax.  Even though I recognize that a large portion of what I am viewing is mind numbing I continue because I am really enjoying the rest.  (See my justification here?)  It isn’t long before I am munching. The food choices are good ones, and still, giving my body unnecessary fuel begs change.  So, I have begun – yesterday!  Enough about me.

As we witness our day-to-day habits, perhaps something attracts our attention – a little habit of speech, thought or action that might be fine-tuned a bit.  Maybe there is a product we have been wanting to try and now is the time.  Possibly there is a dance class we have considered and not yet attended.

I would love your comments – the little practices that have given your day-to-day more meaning recently.  When you share, it stimulates us all, and I am always interested because to me, Change is Good!

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Fit Fashion

Sleek and svelte my client arrives at my studio:  matching, fitted workout pieces, complimented by a long, jersey outer wear jacket.  It’s a great look for her and she feels good in it!  She projects confidence in it.

As we progress and arrive at our fitness goals, we can maximize our experience, seeing and feeling the beautiful shapes of our muscular bodies supporting and augmenting our day-to-day living.  It is inspiring!

I notice when clients upgrade their fitness wardrobes.  What I see is a confidence emerging that puts “spring” in the step, an excited awareness of the physical dimension.  Continuing to wear the too large clothing contributes to the possibility of fitting into them again – no, no, no!

Consider an ad I saw for a fitness pant:  “Sometimes the only reason I go for a run is just so I  have a good excuse to wear them.”  Why not “run” with a different approach to Spring and Summer fashion that supports our fitness investment?

Check out:  for new blocky, edgy styles and “go green”.  for the ruffled and pleated tank tops and the long tank and dress outerwear – again, a “green” selection  for the inventive mixes of fitness and casual wear.

The faded T-shirt and stretched-out shorts and pants can be tossed, because we know we’re not going back there again!  Now, that said, if you can keep that look a little “funky” or “retro” or just “fun”, I’m going to enjoy that too.

Great Recipe!

Black Bean Cakes 

4 C Black Beans, well cooked

1 C Brown Rice, cooked

1 C finely grated Parmesan

½ Onion and a medium Red Pepper, sauteed – maybe carmelized

Seasoning:  Chili Powder, Cumin, Salt, Garlic

1.  Process:  2 C Beans, Brown Rice, Parmesan, Sauteed Vegetables and 2 Eggs in food processor.

2.  Dump into a bowl, add other 2 cups Beans. Mix.

3.  Scoop with 1/3 C and press into patties on lined cookie sheet.

4.  Bake 30 min, 350 degrees. (six patties per sheet)  ‘Can be frozen.

Microwave or Saute’ in oil before serving.

This is a Fosters Market recipe that my daughter Beth passed along to me.  Protein and fiber!

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