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Chef B curls herself up and back in some beautiful Pilates Roll-Ups – independently!  I always enjoy watching her because it is a demanding exercise and she performs it so smoothly.   

Chef B arrives with a giggle in her voice, her eyes bright, eager to experience her strength and flexibility and to try new exercises.  She is fueled well, and is always prepared with her bottle of water.  Her annual physical exam last week boasted superb health and unusually healthy markers. I am honored that she continues to come my way. 

I write about her today because her nourishment is so supportive and such a cornerstone to her health.   Some would offer a disclaimer that her nutrition is easy in that she is a chef and knows all the secrets to eating well and healthily, and she does – it’s true.  However, her current routine doesn’t revolve around rare and expensive ingredients, and doesn’t feature piles of green herbs or accent cheeses on every plate.  It features local produce, well cooked beans, and super grains.  So, not only is it nutrient dense, it is inexpensive.  (One pound of raw beans costs approximately $1.50.)

We might argue that we just don’t have shopping and prep time, or maybe are not interested in cooking batches of beans.  I grant you that knowing what you’re doing in the kitchen is an advantage, though it isn’t worthy of a reason to not nourish your fine self well.  I have asked Chef B a few questions, hoping that her answers will stimulate and inform us as we learn more about nourishment.

Q:  Chef B,  What are good spices, herbs or sides for enjoying beans?

A:  Onion, Garlic, dash of Red Pepper Flakes.  Serve with Green Salsa and Plain Yogurt.  (I, Sarah, offer that a teaspoon of Cumin will help with digestion in bean dishes.)


Q:  Chef B,  If not cooking raw beans, how about canned beans?

A:  Be careful to rinse (several times) the beans, covering with water and then straining them.


Q:  Chef B, How about mixing beans in salads or soups for protein?

A:  This is a really good idea.  The beans offer not only high protein but high fiber content as well.


Q:  Chef B, I know you freeze cooked beans in containers.  Do you freeze super grains also?

A:  I cook a pound of beans and divide into 10 three-quarter cup containers.  I cook one cup each of rice, farro and quinnoa and create 12 three-quarter cup containers.

Chef B always has healthy meals at her fingertips because she invests a LITTLE time each week in uncomplicated food preparation, so that she continuously has nourishment at her fingertips.  She comments today that when she consumes beans (complex carbohydrate) everyday she has no carb cravings, that “they hold you.”


Comments on: "Extra Bounce in My Being!" (4)

  1. Bobbie Jo said:

    Thank you Sarah & Chef B. for demystifiying instructions.

  2. Thanks Sarah and Chef B. I always love the great ideas you share. I am going to do this prep.

  3. Woody said:

    Do you know why Chef B rinses her canned beans? Is it salt or aluminum she is washing away?

    Helpful post — as always!

  4. Chef B states that it is a taste preference for her. I found when I researched it that often the packing liquid contains a lot of salt or sugar, and in the case of adding to salad or garnishing, the lack of “syrup” is nice. Thanks!

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