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Happy Healthy Days

…. this week: Start Now!


“Abs are made …

In the Kitchen, not the Gym.”  This is a popular quote these days by Justin Leonard, directing our focus more toward nutrition than exercise in our progress toward mid body slimming and muscle definition.  Expounding further, it is suggested that achieving  the “six pack abs” is a result of 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise.

Most of us understand the relationship between nutrition and health, nutrition and fitness.  A current factor that seems to slip under the radar is the caffiene drink so prevalent these days, more often than not, served with heaping amounts of milk.  Even skim milk has sugar in it – lactose, and frequent consumption affects the mid-body mass for sure! 

Personally I love these drinks and all the variations.  It is a seductive pleasure, particularly when I am careful with my nutrition in other ways.  So I redirect myself anew toward the maximum taste I am desiring.  If it is coffee, I will choose the best tasting coffee I can find.  If it is chocolate, again: the best tasting I can find, etc.  In each case I do not want to bury the taste in the bulk of something else my body doesn’t really want.  (There are so many variations, it IS possible to enjoy the luxury without the overhead.)

And for the 30 percent of your abdominal definition, I promise to select the most effective exercises I can find!

Abundant Healthy Life!

Fun to party yesterday with my clients and networking friends in fitness and health!  I am grateful for the presence of beautiful people bringing generous gifts: an abundant celebration for sure!

Many of you requested two recipes, and here they are:

Rosemary Pecans – Recipe available on  Search there for “rosemary pecans”.  (Photo shows pecans in a cup and saucer)  ‘Can make ahead!

 Broiled Grapefruit with Honey, Vanilla & Cardamom – Recipe available on  Search there for “broiled grapefruit with honey”.  (Recipe uses half grapefruit sections.  I sectioned my grapefruit first, placed in rows on cookie sheet before drizzling, and broiled, specifically, for four minutes.)  Easy and Fast!

 This week I will deliver the toys to ABC4Peace for distribution on Saturday.  Thank you again for your generosity and for your fitness commitment!  Your energy and excitement is Empowering!

Own It! Love it!

One more week of fine-tuning our metabolism and recognizing the effects of commitment!  This week we continue to nourish well: lean protein, fruits and vegetables.  We recognize that the last of the five meals per day, often referred to as “dinner” or “supper” can impact our nutrition significantly.

My dear friend, Eve, sauteed a large skillet full of eleven different chopped vegetables on Thursday.  She seasoned them well and gave me a large mug full.  I brought it home and shared with my partner.  We added grilled, lean protein and enjoyed a feast, simple and taste-FULL!  I was grateful for the gift – her kindness and her time impacted my evening with such enjoyment.

 An individual’s relationship with his or her body is reflected in myriad ways.  It is referred to as the “temple of the Holy Spirit”, a “vehicle”, a “container for the Self”, a “vessel”, and is often referred to as “it”.  My challenge to you is to Own Your Body!  Feed it well: the best food you can find.  Stimulate your body with enjoyable movement.  Most of all, shower your body with caring (and wonderful body wash)!

Impatience with your beautiful self is damaging, metabolically.  It’s giftime for sure;  what does your body truly desire?

Next Sunday is party time at my house.  Don’t forget that unwrapped toy, and let’s celebrate!

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