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Food Cravings?

My new favorite movie, as all my clients have heard, is “Hedgehog”, a French film that is extraordinary. There is a scene in the movie in which a main character sits down in her kitchen at the end of the day to read. She prepares by making a cup of tea; she also opens the refrigerator to reveal about twenty large chocolate bars stored bookstyle in the door, selecting the one on the end. At this moment in my viewing, the theater audience all giggled with understanding.

Aren’t we lucky, on this planet and during this time, to have chocolate and so many other taste sensations to delight us! And in that celebration let’s consider some healthy reminders regarding our nutrition from Nancy Clark, MS, RD (

“Cravings are not addictions!” An addiction would be revealed if you find yourself “mindlessly devouring [a food] for its druglike effect, rather than eating the food for fuel”.

“Extreme hunger or deprivation triggers overeating. The physiology of hunger explains why we crave sugar; it’s a survival signal for quick energy. When your blood sugar is low, your brain signals an urgent need for sugar. When your muscles are glycogen depleted, you experience niggling carb craving until the muscles are adequately replenished.” (This is, by the way, THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON TO ENJOY A LOW GLYCEMIC FUELING SYSTEM!)

“Food is not addictive and cravings are not bad. What’s bad is trying to live hungry as well as denied and deprived of foods you enjoy.”

TIP #1: Add pomegranate seeds to your favorite salad – adds dynamic color, is an effective antioxident, and punches up the taste for sure. (Remove seeds from fruit with your hands in a large bowl under water to minimize juice splash.)

Tip #2: An easy book for understanding a low glycemic nourishment plan is The Glycemic Load Counter by Dr. Mabel Blades ($7.95 Ulysses Press)

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Over the past year, and among other things, I HAVE RECEIVED the gift of a successful little business venture that pulses with “heart and meaning” for me. In other words, by responding to a suggested possibility of something I truly enjoy, I find myself now in the experience of a new abundance.

A little over a year ago, my friend, Bobbie Jo referred another friend, Elizabeth, to me for personal training. Elizabeth was committed to a new fitness goal that she achieved over the space of some time and we had fun. We still have fun and she looks and feels great: empowered, healthy and athletic. I had the opportunity to cook for her as well for a while – two meals each week. That began as a doable and daunting task for me, and so …

I HAVE RECEIVED the assistance of Chef Barbara, who came once a week for a few months and helped me put together some fantastic tasting meals, teaching me food preparation skills and menu options to complement my knowledge of nutrition.

With Elizabeth’s success, Bobbie Jo’s support and Barbara’s assistance, enthusiasm circulated and more clients came. I HAVE RECEIVED many more opportunities to share something I love with some beautiful people.

With such a plethora of fitness opportunities in our little city I wanted to expand my skills and finetune my own fitness. With my friend Eve’s recommendation I was introduced to Ali and Greg at Diesel Fitness, and I HAVE RECEIVED so much exceptional information and methods with kind understanding to complement my abilities.

Lastly, I have invested in more formal training for myself and I HAVE RECEIVED another certification.

This year has been affirming for me and exciting too, and for however long it lasts, it is an example of large proportion that I HAVE RECEIVED. Thank you all!

Queen of Fit

What if the Queen in the Snow White Fable had asked, “Who’s the FITTEST of them all?”  Would Snow White’s image have appeared in the mirror because she was younger?  (Remember:  she mostly hung around the dwarfs’ house all day.)  And even if it had, the Queen would have had a chance that didn’t involve crime.

Her Magesty might have tossed those dowdy robes and jewelry, donned some cotton and lycra, then strapped on some Nikes and run through the forest every other day.  She might have traded that heavy crown for a cotton ball cap, and mixed in a little yoga and some weights,  not to mention some core work, particularly on those forgotten abs.  Possibly adding an afternoon snack of an organic apple would have changed her attitude toward the benefits of that fruit.

It could be that Snow White was the disappointed one as she continued polishing the window glass as the Queen of Fit streaked by her dwelling every day or two.  The appearance of a fitness trail through the trees might have caused her to question her own body mass index.

At some point our powerful monarch might have ripped that mirror off the wall with her incredible arm muscles, and stated, “Oh who cares!  I know I’m at my zenith, and feeling powerful!  Does anything else matter?”

I am continually fascinated with the awareness of physical  power that comes so soon with just a little bit of effort, and that sense of increased personal force pervades every facet of our beings.  Jump the rope!  Hula the hoop!  Balance every chance you get! “Who’s the fittest in the land?”  (Chuckle)

Super Circuit

This time in exercise science is magical: so much creativity and so many options that can occur within a short time frame!  Recently we have explored  some new interval training modalities, and specifically, Tabatas and All Fours.  Why?

We want to retain a high level of agility and physical responsiveness.  We finetune these and our body’s efficient energy delivery by CHANGING IT UP.  We want to stimulate our enjoyment of physical activity also and allow our muscular tone to balance with equanimity.  So today – Super Circuits.

A Super Circuit alternates 1-3 minutes of aerobic-type training (cycling, rowing, treadmill, jumprope, jumping jacks, heel jacks, dance, Sun Salutations, hula hoop) with approximately 1 minute of resistance training.  Translating this to a personal practice outside a training facility would mean using body weight for resistance, so that equipment isn’t necessary.  An 8-10 minute combo will jump start your energy flow in an all new way.

Example:  Jump rope for 30 seconds (even without a rope).  Alternate with 1 minute of each:  sit-back squats, abdominal crunches, plank, push-ups or modified push-ups, all-fours kicks, standing side kicks, Pilates roll-ups, Yoga side plank, etc.  Variation:  Pick four of these only and repeat the circuit.  Adding a jump rope and/or a weight ball will give you more variations.  I would love to help design a few for you.

Recipe Bonus:  “Beth’s Autumnal Vegetable Base”!  My daughter Beth is a trained chef and creates some wonderful taste combinations that are usually highly nutritious and inexpensive.  This recipe she uses on grilled quesadillas, and it also works as a side dish or a base for soup:

Saute’ garlic in Olive Oil.  Add onion, red and yellow pepper, and sweet potatoes – all cut small.  When mixture begins to soften, add ground chili pepper and cumin.  Finally, add drained and washed black beans and can of organic, diced tomatoes with juice.  Mix until heated consistently.

I skewer fresh shrimp and grill them, then lay skewers on top ¾ C base and spritz with fresh lime juice – yum.  Enjoy and please share your own variations with us.

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