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Many of my clients join me in a strong yoga experience, where static strengthening or balancing postures are inspired by nature.  I am motivated  today to share some fitness routines  that imitate other animals in movement, and on all fours.  Playful titles like “Panther Strides” and “Baby Broncos”  accompany core strengthening flexion and extension.

This fitness routine comes to us from All Fours Fitness – Training on the Four Limbs on the following link:

Several short videos demonstrate the possibilities, some of which are challenging, and all of which are playful!  I promise to include some of them in our sessions over the next week or two FOR FUN and FOR FITNESS!  What a great way to change it up, asking your body to use more resources and increasing your aerobic capacity.

(Thank you, Robert Kaye, for the recommendation and the link.)

A N D …  it’s the season for pumpkin recipes and Starbucks already has their pumpkin lattes on the menu.  For those of you wanting to stay slim and trim, consume in small quantities because pumpkin is a high glycemic food.  (You wouldn’t think so, would you?)

Welcome, New Clients!  Lets all raise the bar this week on effort and benefits!


Satisfaction: You Have Earned It!

Every three months I post some ideas for new or refined goals on the motivational board in my studio.  Last week I redesigned the board and posted “New Goals?” in large letters in the middle.  Surprisingly, my first two clients reacted negatively to it, and stated clearly that they didn’t want to set any new goals.  I think that is because, in both their cases, they have made effort and reached their beginning goals, have experienced the satisfaction of it, and now want to extend this satisfaction and maintain this new stage of confidence and pride in themselves.

For me, the goals are my focus, my set of instructions, if you will.  Specific goals give me clarity as I create a program to assist them. Acknowledging the achievement is important for all of us who are serious about our fitness.

So, after contemplating the two reactions and completing some research, I have changed the words on the board and have begun a list for each of my clients, acknowledging specific points of progress.  For starters:  EC has lost twenty pounds, has decreased her dress size by two, has increased her shoulder range of motion, has significantly increased her lean muscle mass and stays above 80% of maximal nutrition.  She now presents as a super energetic quasi-athlete, ready to respond to whatever she wants to do.  That’s a LONG way from “I just want to get in shape.”

The motivational board now reads: “What benefits are you experiencing as a result of your work?” and  “How do you think you can best improve your well-being?”

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