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A Plateau?

Jillian Michaels’ response to “What advice do women always ask you for?”

Answer = “They get caught on plateaus.  In that case what you need to do is give yourself a couple of days of rest and bump up your calories by 10 percent.  When you lose weight quickly, your body often responds by releasing hormones to increase your appetite and store more fat.  That’s a survival instinct meant to help us conserve fuel during times of famine.  You can outsmart it by eating a little more and resting.  That usually helps jumpstart your metabolism again.”

I’m not sure we can “outsmart” our bodies.  They are impressively wise and resilient!  Jillian’s advice, however, is trustworthy.  Both the rest and more healthy intake send a positive message, and this relaxation also reflects a deeper relationship with the physical body we claim.  When we are confident and practice awareness of what our bodies want, small changes in the pattern only finetune us more.

Tip:  Practice some HAPPY HEEL-JACKS!  Effective times:

Before breakfast in order to start metabolism

Anytime you are feeling sluggish

At the beginning of a set of exercises and between repetitions  – more aerobic

The Plateau will respond to You!



It defies understanding or explanation, so let’s just go with it:  the Little Black Dress feeling.  Most of us have an LBD hanging in the closet, and we probably love it, and it might have been there a while, and we are unwilling to replace it or let it go, whether it fits or not.  The other hangers hold replaceable items, some engendering fondness, some not.

A huge feeling of pleasure dawns when one slips the LBD over the head and down it slides and fits!  Quick: to the full length mirror!  If this occurs in a store, the words, “I’ll take it!” explode from the mouth, even before the pricetag comes into view.  The ONLY accessory we need now is shoes, because the smile on the face says it all.

There are some who would encourage me to “get beyond” something so vain, to concentrate on more meaningful goals and ideas.  Alas, I am a woman living in America in 2011, and fashion is fun.  As my good friend Sandy says, “it’s just a costume.”

From the moment the zipper is zipped CONFIDENCE dawns like a force field around us.  Close on its heels are feelings of “sexy” and “hot”.

Should there be an LBD hanging in your closet, make sure you can wear it if you want to!  What an inspiration!!  And if you are hesitant, change up your workout, “skinny down” your carbs, enjoy the super cool taste of Peligrino with lime and voila:  Confidence, Sexy and Hot are yours!  They are your right.

And for my male readers and fans: what is your LBD equivalent?

Nutritional Love Letter

During the first few minutes of a training session I ask each client about his or her current eating habits.  Usually new clients are proud to tell me how well they have followed our nutrition guides.  More experienced students tell me, confidently, how they have taken the guides and become creative as their bodies refine, excess weight discards and muscles begin to define their shapes.

My really confident students have recently presented with, “Oh, man, I have been celebrating big (describing birthdays, graduations, vacations, etc) and I loved it!  But, you know, I really don’t like the way this feels.”  Their eyes scrunch as they voice these words in a rather apologetic tone.

Chef Barbara has provided us with a list of CLEANSING FOODS:  Apples, Avocados, Blueberries, Celery, Cranberries, Garlic, Grapefruit, Kale, Lemons and Watercress.  Of course, all these foods offer us fabulous nutrition all the time, and especially when we want to send our bodies a nutritional love letter.

Enjoy selecting these and consuming them; let me show you some quick-start moves; and we’ll watch your amazing body bounce back to “Fantastico”!

Thank you, Barbara, for providing this information, and High Five on maintaining your weight loss!


Wellness Coaching Summer Menu

The following comprise the current menu of session programs.  I totally enjoy customizing, so create with me:  It’s all about YOU!

All ‘Round Fitness – range of motion, body-weight-only exercises, aerobic and fluid movement

All ‘Round Fitness LIGHT – fluid movement, range of motion, chi ball fitness (excellent for first time or recovery)

Strength Build – Continuous aerobics, body-weight and hand weight routines

Core Strength/Pilates – core strengthening routines with Pilates core and abdominals

Challenge – a customized circuit followed by appropriate stretches

Yoga – full Vinyasa yoga routine

Yoga Sandwich:  Yoga warm-up and static strengthening, core strengthening in the middle, yoga stretch

Intuitive Sampler:  Pulling from all of the above to meet physical and attitude presentation

No session is the same.  Ongoing goals and client requests drive the program.  Client nutrition and vitality are always a focus, as is breathing.

Eat your vegetables!  S

Reset to Routine

The dirty stemware lines up on the countertop like sentinels of celebration. Serving platters that are usually stored away crowd in behind them, almost smiling.  It’s a good feeling I have as I approach the “reset to routine” because gathering to celebrate and share the fun is satisfying.  Returning to a finely tuned simplicity of health and wellness brings its own comfort.  Change is good.

Summer gathers her skirts and gallops along with long days, holidays, graduations and vacations.  Sports tournaments and water races inspire us as we continue biking, skating, walking, running, swimming, surfing and training.  PLAYTIME reasserts itself, and we join in the fun.

Produce stands and green markets display tempting melons of all sizes.  Tomatoes rule and flaunt variety.  Lettuce choose from the earth bounty and nourish ourselves!

My own Reset-to-Routine includes eating more raw vegetables and shopping in produce even more.  Physically I am adding a new class here and there, motivating my own fitness and giving me fun ideas.  Psychologically I am commiting to a higher level of authenticity on this Path of Happiness.

The freedom I feel comes from a stroke of luck with my birthplace and my heritage.  It also expands within my attitude as my wellness empowers me.  I have freedom; I am lucky; I am grateful.


Check out the BLACK BEAN, AVOCADO AND TOMATO Salad Recipe on the Diesel site:

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