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Belief and Action

In Infinite Possibilities Mike Dooley describes how the actions one takes reflect his or her beliefs.  He suggests further that the actions also affect the beliefs.  He uses money and physical weight as his prime examples.

When we feel angst about a choice we make, chemicals are released that affect our metabolism, often decreasing it.  Small changes can expand the belief without the angst, and the metabolism is maintained more optimally.

A good place to check your belief about your physical self is your grocery cart.  If MOST of the items are “Low Calorie”, “Low Fat”, “Low Sugar”, “Diet”, and particularly processed, frozen foods, you, more than likely, believe your are overweight or fear being there.

When you select and purchase nutritional items, you want to be in a sustained feeling of buoyancy, fitness and health.  That reflects the belief of empowerment.  Enter the store or market with that feeling at whatever level you can.

Ask yourself what you are hungry for and take time with that, listening to your body.  Have a prepared list with you, and if you need help with that, contact me and I will post one for you.  In the meantime, simple basics:

–       lean protein – fish, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, eggs, beans, yogurt, low-fat cheese, skim milk, supplements (read label!)

–       fruits and vegetables  (light on the melon)

–       complex carbohydrates – rice, quinnoa, oats, multigrain bread or wraps

–       essential fats – avocado, olives, olive oil, cashews, almonds, pine nuts

–       spices and herbs (so that your food tastes really good)

You will be adding coffee, tea, or water and other personal favorites.  When you choose, read the label and ask yourself, “Is the best I can do for ME?”

If you would like to soften or change your belief about yourself physically, then grocery shopping is a good place to make changes that are effective.  Another good place is a physical activity that is new, and maybe a little challenging, for you.

Small changes slide past a belief that you want to change or tweek.  A luxury for me this week was purchasing a container of Ranier Cherries, which I love, are low glycemic and give me continuous energy.   They are often expensive and this week they were on sale – power in the nutrition and power in the purchase.

NOTE:  ZOO stories are continuing with next post.  Stay tuned.


Island Girl

Delia pushes the cracker wrapper deeper into the wastebasket under the reception desk, brushing her hands together before she has to answer the phone.  She hates hearing it ring because the company’s CEO is a funny old guy who thinks it is cool for the ring to be “I Can See Clearly Now”.  Indeed the ringtone lasts for four phrases of the 1972 hit song, more than enough time for Delia to rinse her mouth before repeating “Zeitner Opthalmic Organization”.  It’s embarrassing!

Delia has lost her patience because she is behind on her life plan.  She arrived eight months ago from the US Virgin Islands fresh out of college and ready for a marketing career.  At first she had been happy to get this job as receptionist for the ZOO, as everyone calls it, but she expected to be in a career position by now.  You might say she has an attitude.

Delia  has “island girl” written all over her with her exotic clothing and the massive volume of dark hair somewhat contained with the widest cloth headbands.  Large pieces of gold jewelry accentuate her latte skin and her violet eyes.  She’s a thin and stunning girl with a to-die-for accent, who keeps to herself because associating with others and lunches out cost money and she’s on a budget.  At least the crackers are cheap.

Coming a close second behind the irritating phone ring is the healthy eating club, intent on introducing her to their way of eating – just a little on the arrogant side as far as Delia is concerned.  And that Steve?  He evidently owns an almond grove somewhere and is forever hauling a bag of them around, and offering her some.  And, in the process, he is just a bit “too charming”.

So, here’s our girl, Delia, on a Wednesday morning right before lunch, already salivating for her white cheddar variety of cracker and some skim  milk when Donna arrives at her desk.  “I was hoping you would join me for lunch outside today, Delia.  I packed an extra wrap sandwich for you – egg salad.  Do you like egg salad?”

Delia tucks a loose tendril under her bamboo green headwrap and replies, “Thank you anyway, Donna, but I’m working through lunch today – you know, saving up hours so I can leave early on Friday.”

Donna seems disappointed and continues, “Well, I made it for you anyway,” and she places it on the lip of the reception desk.  See you later!”  She walks away.

Delia doesn’t want to be obligated.  She places the bundle underneath the desktop next to all the business cards.  She tries to ignore it, but she is hungry and it smells really good.  Finally, when she sees Donna and some others exit the building she opens the bag, forgetting her crackers.

In moments she is transported back to the island, to her mother’s kitchen, to the chickens outside.  The aroma is magnificent, and after one bite, she can’t stop.  The lettuce, the smooth eggs, the chives – oh, it is so good!  “Maybe I could make this,” she thinks.

“I can see clearly now …,”  Break over.

Egg Salad Wrap:

Recipe Link:

(Use Zero Fat Greek Yogurt instead of Mayonnaise)

For lower calories and carbs, use multigrain or spinach wrap, OR serve on bibb lettuce leaves.

Solo Steve

A serious derailment occurred in Steve’s life last year: his wife left him.  He didn’t expect it, was overwhelmed, and didn’t move off the couch for three days.  His best friend, in an effort to get him back on his feet, put a team together, and they took turns pulling Steve to happy hour everyday, until he made bar friends and he could go there alone, which he did.

Over the course of four months Steve made it through each day with happy hour as his goal, and managed to function with only a twenty-two pound weight gain and minimal discomfort climbing stairs.  At six months he had to purchase new clothing.  Since he had managed to avoid mirrors for a while he was stunned when he surveyed his image in the store dressing room, and on the way home from shopping, stopped at a popular gym and became a member.

Steve lucked out with a pint-sized female trainer to whip him into shape, which she did.  Whether it was her skills or his infatuation with her didn’t matter since his after work pattern changed from happy hour to training hour. Steve began to notice a renewed vigor in himself, and now enjoyed looking in the mirror as the pounds melted and the muscle appeared.

Now Steve stops by Donna’s cubicle fairly often because he notices that her fitness and nutritional habits are similar to his own (and her arm definition is really attractive).  He rattles on about his trainer this and his trainer that, and Donna is polite because she wants to encourage him and he is always so generous with the organic almonds.

Steve is in sales at the ZOO (acronym, not animal habitat – explained later), and since the product all but sells itself he is functioning well now.  He turns on the charm with his clients, and because he is nutritionally and physically powering himself well, he is direct and responsive with people, which they enjoy.

A ninety minute swim workout is on for this evening, so right before his last sales call for the day he stops by his favorite smoothie shop, picks up cocktail size energy smoothies for the client’s office staff, a small protein smoothie and energy bar(with grains) for himself.  Steve knows to read the labels carefully, to ask for product information on everything that he eats and drinks, particularly noting the calories, carbs, fats, sodium, sugars and protein.  Power up!

Alert Responsiveness

It is eleven o’clock and Donna is hungry – a good thing, letting her know that her body needs fuel.  She has been writing for hours, and after one last edit, will electronically mail her piece to the publisher.  It is one of those days when she seems to be tied to the desk – on a deadline with no serious exercise options available. 

Donna still needs a meal because (1) she is hungry, and (2) she wants her metabolism to be efficient, and for her body to extract its nutrition and eliminate regularly.  Her egg white omelet and ½ piece Ezekiel toast has fueled her morning and has been digested.  She finds her shoes under her desk, kicked off earlier for maximum comfort during her concentrated creative time.

She also retrieves a gorgeous, large navel orange from her purse and walks outside to a park area for meal two of this day.  The orange is orangic and beautiful to hold.  She takes a moment to breathe deeply and smell the clean citrus aroma before beginning to peel it.  After she has sectioned and removed rind particles she begins to liesurely consume the fruit, even though she is hungry and wants to wolf it down.  The fruit’s slow, continuous fuel will take her to lunch easily, and the citrus is hydrating and nutritious for her skin.

 Donna is following the advice of renowned nutritionist, Marc David, and eating the best food she can find.  When lunch, meal three, occurs, she will be hungry maybe and not ravenous.  She can be selective and make empowered choices because she is still fueled.

She looks up now, greeting her friend, Steve, walking by.  He offers her some raw almonds;  she takes a few and enjoys them as well.  Donna is now powered for continued activity and alert responsiveness.  She looks forward to a really long walk with her dog, Ari, later.

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