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Jab – Punch!

I know I promised a recipe last week, and now I am overcome with pride and enthusiasm in my clients and their newfound passion: boxing.

It helps that we have all set some goals and achieved them, in some measure!  We have been disciplined and focused and we have stepped up for something new.

It is significant that we have allowed ourselves to be coached elegantly by a true expert, Ali!

It is notable that we show up, expecting fun, and believing we can do it.

Who would have known that Carolyn could throw a punch like that?  How amazing that Elizabeth has that duck down, and I mean, down!  And, Barbara – so light on her feet, as if she were destined for this!  And, Woody and Dana, holding that photo squat for-eva with dukes up!  And, just one more play-yard for Sharon – she’ll try anything!

All this adds up to EMPOWERMENT!

Empowerment comes through self-actualization, acknowledgement, learning, performance, achievement, affirmation, and particularly, through the body IN AN OBVIOUS AND VERY BELIEVABLE WAY!  (Even an inert body is functioning in some amount of magnificence.)

I am motivated and impressed for sure, and as I write I am smiling at the memory.

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