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Power Lunch – Meal Three

Meal Three, our mid-day meal is consumed at our highest rate of digestion because of the most direct angle of sunlight at that hour in the day.  That deserves so much more than a few cold pieces of meat and cheese shoved between slices of bread, don’t you think?  It WOULD be lovely to borrow French culture and take the two hours to prepare and enjoy a delicious meal that so totally nourishes us as we slowly chew and digest, appreciating every morsel.  And there are such days, for sure, as well as some that seem rushed and we reach for something quick, doing the best we can!

Nutritional components of a Low Glycemic Eating Plan Lunch are protein (4 oz or the size of your fist) and two vegetables, or protein with one vegetable and a complex carb (maintaining the consistent energy).  Remember that, having had the second meal of energy food, you are looking for fuel that is nourishing, maintaining yourself for a vibrant afternoon, keeping yourself at a high level of responsiveness, mentally and physically.  Some choices:

PROTEIN – lean meat (can be deli slices), many varieties of beans (without fat), lentils, fat-free cottage cheese, eggs, 2 Tbsp hummus, nuts.

VEGETABLES– ½ sweet potato, zucchini and other squashes, avocado (no more than ½), cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, salad greens (careful on the dressing for sugar content), peppers, onions, or “Anytime Side” (recipe below).*

COMPLEX CARBS (1/2 Cup) – brown rice, Quinoa, Oatmeal, Whole Grain.

A garnish of black olives might be tasty – essential fat!

If convenience is demanded or time is short, a spinach or wholegrain wrap is a decent choice.   Avoid heavy dressings or high-fat cheeses (or don’t eat much of the cheese).  Soups and sauces can contain high amounts of sodium and sugar that inhibit fine quality fuel and efficiency.  Label reading is helpful.

*“Anytime Side” is a recipe my daughter Beth developed, inspired by a spa she visited in Arizona:

One Zucchini, grated to a very thin “spaghetti”

¼ Pepper, chopped

¼ Onion, chopped

Saute’ Pepper and Onion in Olive Oil until softened, not browned.  Add Zucchini and continue for three to five minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste and mixing it, finally heaping it with a spatula into a mound.  Remove and serve with eggs, or any dish at meals one, three or five.  Recipe = One Serving!


Exceptional Fuel – Meals 2 and 4

Meals two and four are sometimes called “snacks”, although that word suggests that they are possibly unnecessary, which is not true at all.  These two are very important because they provide consistent energy for a vibrant, satisfying day.

A Low Glycemic Eating Plan guides us to eat every three hours, so Meals Two and Four are Meals which support the continued roll of slower-released energy (low glycemic) and are fruit based. The other three meals offer higher percentages of protein and other nutrients.

Samples of choice fuel for Meals Two and Four:

1 Medium Apple

1 Medium Orange

1 Cup any berries

1 Cup Grapes

1 Cup Cherries

½ of any fruit above with 3 ounces of low carb, fat-free yogurt

½ of any fruit above with 1 2% cheese stick

Make sure you eat the fruit; the cheese stick doesn’t have energy to offer.  This time of year citrus is bountiful, so a nice navel orange is pretty delicious: wonderful fuel AND your skin is being nourished.  And when you purchase these, choose the most luscious you can find – remember: you want the Best!

And, if you work out really hard in the morning and feel famished, then, for Meal Two, eat a recovery meal:  1 pce whole wheat toast with 1.5 TBSP natural nut butter*.  The grains will give you some quick energy and the nut butter will give you endurance, so that you can eat exquisitely and have plenty of energy the rest of the day.

Send me recipes for favorite low glycemic lunches for next week’s post!

*This is a suggestion from Ali and Greg (, and it works for you.


Premium Fuel – Meal One

Marc David, renowned nutritionist, advises that if you make only one change in your nutrition plan, let it be to eat the best food you can find.  He is talking about fresh, maybe organic, food that offers life-sustaining nourishment.  This should begin at breakfast because you deserve the best, and you have made a commitment recently – yes?

Meal One breaks the fast of sleep time.  You awaken, drink water and maybe coffee or tea, and you consider your day.  Are you working out this morning?  If so, is it strenuous or long lasting?

A non-workout morning or a light-workout morning (short walk) should begin with protein and a complex carbohydrate (grain/fast energy for a strong start).  Examples:

–       2-3 eggs or 4 egg whites (if cholesterol is an issue) with a package of oatmeal and sugar substitute, or 1 piece Multigrain toast.

–       1 piece of Ezekiel Toast with Fat Free Cottage Cheese.

–       Eggs with Kitcheree (My recipe, involving brown Basmati rice).

A workout morning that needs more fuel should begin with protein, complex carbohydrate, and fruit (quick start train and fruit for continuance). Nuts or nut butters can be added for endurance.  Examples:

–       Diesel Oatmeal Pancakes (

–       Paula’s Power Breakfast (See “Welcome to Power AM” post)

–       Eggs or Whites with oatmeal plus 1 piece multigrain toast.

–       Protein Shake (careful on the sugar and carbs on this one)

Please contact me with questions or offer me your own success recipe, so that I can post.  Support your health and well being with the best!



Your Inner Personal Trainer

This morning I biked: a little cardio after some heavy weight sessions this past week, power yoga (, and “serious” cardio sessions.  My route is easy – twelve miles of flat to light rolling terrain.  It was raining and delicious to be out, just me and  my bike.  About two-thirds through the route there is a steep hill, and my route took me parallel and slightly away from it.  As I neared the connector road however, the thought came barreling through my mind, “I should do it.”  I began to consider it and the rain became more intense, so I argued, “I’ve already worked pretty hard this week, and it is raining harder, and this is really a ‘light cardio’ morning and for-the-fun-of-it ride . . . blah, blah, blah.”  I started grinning as I changed my plan and approached the bottom of the hill.  I began peddling faster, pushing, breathing a little harder, and probably frowning.  Up I went, getting slower and slower until I reached the top with a terrific view and pelting-in-my-face rain.  Aah, it felt so good!

I arrived home soaking wet and laughing, and I related my thrill-hill moment to my significant other.  He questioned how I could tell my “inner personal trainer” from my type A personality command center.  I responded, “It was the grin on my face.”

I have learned to trust my “inner personal trainer” implicitly, as I do my professional gym trainer.  (I’m intensely spoiled to have them both.)   It’s the “inner personal trainer” who guides me toward the skill and experiences of professionals, who motivates me toward my personal best, or who guides me toward a spontaneous physical movement just for the fun of it.

TIP: A perfect stretch for this session is Yoga, and specifically the balance pose called Cosmic Dancer (Natarajasana).  If you are not acquainted with this pose,  contact me or check out:


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