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Welcome to Power AM!

Below is a recipe for a high protein breakfast from Paula Puopolo, Co-Owner of Ocean Yoga.  It is high-protein fuel for a very active morning, and if you know Paula, you know that she is extremely fit and always challenging herself.  She recited this to me the other day, as, during our training session she pulled herself effortlessly up to the chin-up bar, and added, “I just leave it [cooking] and when I smell it burning I know it’s done!”  Then she giggled.

Here is the recipe with a note or two from me.  Notice that neither of us is giving you much specific instruction, so maybe you would like to play with it too, and leave a comment.

Heat an omelet pan, spraying first with PAM.

Add in sequence:

4 egg whites

1/3 cup Kashi “Go Lean” sprinkled evenly on top

¼ C finely chopped apple, sprinkled evenly on top

Cover and let cook “until you smell it burning” or until, when peaking at the bottom, you see it is browned and egg whites are cooked.  (I actually flip mine for a little browning on the apple side.)  Remove from pan and add, if you like, a tablespoon of sugar-free syrup, a drizzle (1.5 tsp) of honey, or some Agave nectar.  (The apple top is moist and sweet.)

For a medium to strenuous physical activity you will be perfectly fueled and satisfied!   (Plenty of protein from egg whites and Kashi, some whole grain carbs from Kashi, and low-glycemic energy from the apple.)

More on Paula and Ocean Yoga:


The Taste / The Force

In this week of ultimate comfort food we experience joy in coming together and sharing a grand meal with people we enjoy in an expression of gratefulness and unified patriotism.

The Thanksgiving meal delivers on taste; it is dependable!  Turkey tastes like turkey!  No matter what is going on in our lives, if we bite into apple pie it will taste like apple pie!  One of the reasons we reach for food when life seems difficult is that dependable taste – yes?

So I pose the question to myself:  is the force for wellness within me as dependable as the taste of chocolate?  Actually, when I acknowledge it, it is!  So when I reach for comfort food, I might go to slo mo and acknowledge why I reach for it, the contribution to wellness it will deliver (in addition to its taste), and I will choose, not from imagined need, but from my inner force for wellness and happiness.  It ceases, then, to be a “comfort food” because I have negated a need for comfort.

As I write, I am anticipating a piece of pumpkin pie, which is NOT a contributor toward a low glycemic diet to which I subscribe.  I am choosing the experience for the pure delight of it, as my fantastic body will absorb it with wisdom, and distribute the nourishment, snapping back easily into its continued easy roll of energy.

I hope you enjoy, to the point of delight, your holiday and your holiday meal this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Tip regarding a healthy diet from Ali Cosentino, Diesel Fitness*:  “You should never feel deprived; you should never feel full.”

Recipe:  Ali’s Salad Dressing:            Avocado & Garlic Dressing

1 tsp Olive Oil

3 TBSP red wine vinegar

1/8 tsp fresh garlic-minced  (frontrunner immune-positive food)

1 TBSP mashed avocado  (important essential fat)

Ground black pepper and sea salt to taste

Combine & mash in bowl, add to small container and shake to disperse as dressing.



Acknowledge Your Advantage!

I have a good friend who, on the day she was sixty-two, applied for Social Security and did her first handstand. Did she have an advantage? Yes, regarding the handstand, she had three: she was healthy and fit. She believed she could. She was willing to try. She continues to support herself with a deliberate diet and fun-loving activities.

We experience so much of life through our bodies. Creating and maintaining health is critical to a satisfying and happy life, and to life itself! We are in agreement – yes? So, maybe you are fatigued with the fear-laden advertisements promoting drugs and testing procedures that begin with ‘You might be at risk …’ You are possibly REALLY FATIGUED with diet and fitness advice. Maybe your left knee hurts or you have received some sobering advice that an imbalance exists. You might be feeling less than vibrant. Where to start?

If you are still breathing and reading, then you can begin with gratitude for your awesome, physical self; you can list, if you like, your physical strength inventory. You might surprise yourself with the long list of positives. You might even begin to see your own advantage. And when you realize your advantage, then you can proceed with whatever challenge might present with wisdom and strength!

Tip: Five meals per day with two and four being fruit (citrus, apples, berries) will give your body a consistent energy flow, and citrus, particularly will nourish your skin!

Healthy and Light!

A few years ago I was given an assessment form to complete by a new personal trainer at a trendy little gym that boasted an ultimate fitness potential.  One of the questions was, “What are your fitness goals?”  The reply line was one-half inch long.  With difficulty I squeezed in, “Healthy and Light”.  A few minutes later the trainer read through my answers and stumbled on that one, squinting to read it.  “Do you want to lose weight?”  “Do you want to lose inches?”  “Do you want a different dress size?”  She made effort to help me answer the question.  I suppose the answers to those questions would have fit in the space: “Yes”, “Yes”, and “Yes”.  Those answers, however did not reflect my reason for contracting with this gym.  I answered directly, “I want to easily turn handsprings down the sidewalk if I feel like it.”  That produced a furrowed brow and an open-mouthed stare.  I was assigned to another trainer.

This blog is not about weight loss, even though we will discuss it.  It is not about clothing sizes because we all know there is no dependable standard there.  We will probably discuss clothing and apparel that makes us feel and look “hot”.  It is not about measurements unless we can present them with wisdom rather than look at them as limitations.  This blog is about being healthy and feeling lightDare to be unique and express exactly what you desire.  It is All About You – WELL!

“Feeling Light” is created by several physical elements.  Body weight should be balanced so that the organs can support it easily and without stress.  Muscle development directly impacts the “light” feeling, in that significant development can “make light” a higher body weight, and be less significant to a lower, sinewy weight.  The breathing element creates boyancy, and then the whole of that is empowered with the “light-hearted” attitude, i.e., attitudes of “limitation” don’t stimulate a morning jog.

The advantage we have is a plethora of wellness and fitness techniques and products to assist us toward “feeling light”.  If you are an interested reader please leave a comment or a question.  If you are a professional in health and fitness please leave a comment or a question, and maybe a link.  It’s always about empowerment with me, and I’m inviting the discussion.

TIP:  Kick-Start your metabolism by taking a quick walk or doing some jumping jacks before breakfast!

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